Final Action Meeting in Milazzo, Sicily, 2016

The final meeting of COST Action CM1202 Supramolecular Photocatalytic Water Splitting (PerspectH2O) took place in Milazzo, Italy, in connection with a dedicated WG3/WG4 meeting on the theme: Photoinduced charge transfer, separation, and accumulation, on 4-6 September 2016, kindly hosted by Prof. Sebastiano Campagna and Prof. Fausto Puntoriero, University of Messina.

The program was a great mixture of all topics relevant to the Action's goals, presented by more than 40 speakers from all over Europe and the US.

We would like to thank all participants for their valuable contributions, the local hosts Sebastiano and Fausto for their great hospitality as well the COST Association for their friendly support and hope to meet soon again at another opportunity.

The Tarragona Training School and Joint Meeting Working Group 1 and 2

Thanks to everyone for participating in the recent COST Action CM1202 Tarragona Training School and the Meeting of Working Groups 1 and 2 in Tarragona, Spain, 11- 14 April 2016, kindly hosted by Prof. Antoni Llobet, Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ)

The meeting has served for elaborating networking between the Action members and nurture scientific discussions and future collaboration work. Achievements of the previous year have been discussed.

23 early career investigators took part in the training school organised by ICIQ and gained experience by discussing both theory and experiments.

Subsequent to the Training School, other experienced members of the network joined the event for a dedicated WG1/WG2 meeting.The development of SPCs for hydrogen production and water splitting presents a new, ambitious and interdisciplinary task, which addresses both fundamental scientific questions and – in the long run – important and imminent societal needs. The focus of WG 1 Synthesis and Photocataysis is to generate efficient strategies towards stabilization of the catalytic centers (both for proton reduction and water oxidation) in all required redox states within the ligand scaffold provided by the SPC. This presents a central aspect, since well-stabilized catalytic centers present an indispensible prerequisite for long-term operating catalytic systems. Device integration will immobilize hydrogen- and oxygen-evolving SPCs developed in WG1 on large-surface area transparent conducting oxides and semiconductors as well as in membranes. Thereby, building on the results of WG1, novel concepts for integration of SPCs into functional photocatalytically active electrodes are to be developed and characterized both photophysically and photocatalytically and theoretical tools to describe electronic states induced upon binding and their correlation with photoinduced electron transfer and catalytic properties are required.

Thanks again to everyone for your valuable input and especially, to Prof. Toni Llobet and Judit Martinez, ICIQ, for their great and smooth organisation!




More than 70 international scientists and Early Career Investigators attended the Second European Symposium on Current Challenges in Supramolecular Artificial Photosynthesis of the COST Action CM1202 PERSPECT-H2O  in Gdansk (Poland). The scientific program included talks as well as poster contributions.

Thank you very much to all contributors and especially to Julien Guthmuller, the wonderful host of an excellently organised successful COST Action event!!!


Joint Working Group Meeting of WGs 3 and 4 in Engelberg : Novel experimental and theoretical tools to describe the photophysics and photochemistry of supramolecular water splitting


It is our pleasure to announce the meeting of the working groups 3 and 4 of the COST Action CM1202 Perspect-H2O meeting in Engelberg (Switzerland), November 27-29 2015. It is  entitled “Joint Working Group Meeting of Working Groups 3 and 4 – Novel experimental and theoretical tools to describe the photophysics and photochemistry of supramolecular water splitting” and, as the title suggests, it will focus more on the experimental and theoretical tools developed by each COST Action group and that could be relevant and available to the community. It would indeed very appreciated that each speaker will leave a short tutorial or summary on his/her tools to be uploaded on the action website. The hope is that these tutorials will be a source of inspiration for further collaborations.

This meeting will be held on the occasion to honour Villy Sundström for his outstanding and fundamental contributions to the field of solar-energy harvesting and conversion and to our community.

The following invited speakers have confirmed their participation:

      Villy Sundström       

Rienk van Grondelle

Majed Chergui

Tonu Pullerits

Leticia Gonzalez

Chantal Daniel

 Maria Wächtler

Thomas Feurer

Download to the program

Athens Workshop on Synthesis of novel ligands for supramolecular photocatalytic active assemblies

Our COST Action organized a workshop on “Synthesis of novel ligands for supramolecular photocatalytic active assemblies”, hosted by Prof. Christiana Mitsopoulou of Athens University. It took place from April 15 to April 17, 2015 in Athens University.